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Perry to Obama: Send in the national guard

If anything came through during Rick Perry's interview with Sean Hannity, it's that Gov. Perry believes that surging in National Guard troops onto the border is a short-term fix to this crisis. Additionally, if the federal government coordinated with "Steve McRaw at the Department of Public Safety", the Border Patrol and local law enforcement, they'd end the flood of minors attempting to enter the United States.

Additionally, Gov. Perry stressed the fact that this would send a strong signal to Central American and cartel leaders.

Gov. Perry said that they've surged troops to the border before, with each surge producing positive results. Further, Gov. Perry said that President Obama could do this unilaterally as commander-in-chief. Finally, this could be done without passing President Obama's $3.7 supplemental spending bill.

One thing that President Obama did was act like his policies have caused this crisis. Admitting that isn't something that President Obama is capable of doing. His ego is too large for that.

As with the other crises facing his administration, the border crisis was caused by President Obama's actions. In this case, actually, it was caused by President Obama's decision not to act.

Throughout the interview, Gov. Perry kept returning to the themes that a) he's dealt with this type of problem before, b) Texas has a history of success in dealing with this type of problem when it isn't this overwhelming and c) stationing National Guard troops on the border would make a major difference.

Gov. Perry explained that, right now, many of the Border Patrol agents are posted 35-40 miles from the border. If that's the case, then President Obama deserves 100% of the blame for this crisis. If the Border Patrol agents aren't patrolling the border, then they aren't being properly deployed.

Finally, President Obama can't afford not to fix this crisis. If nothing else, he can't afford to further damage the Democrat brand.

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