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Perry shows leadership; Obama shows frivolity

Perry shows leadership; Obama shows frivolity. Texas Governor Rick Perry made a decision addressing the crisis at the Southern Border. He’s deploying 1.000 troops to Border. He personally asked President Obama to deploy troops but Obama was too busy golfing and hitting a Texas barbecue. These refugees flooding the border aren’t just innocent kids pleading for aid. Many of these minors are victims of ruthless slave traders and drug dealers in Central America. The drug dealers are taking advantage of American generosity.

Obama has done absolutely nothing to secure the border or offer relief to the border personnel. Besides the crisis at the border, there is turmoil throughout the Middle East and Russian and Ukraine. His Democrat minions desperately say he’s engaged. So, shooting pool, playing golf and attending fundraisers show he’s engaged while half the globe is in tumult. After all this excruciating fundraising and golfing from the last two weeks, He will be vacationing in Martha’s Vineyard for 16 days in early August. Obama has the work ethic of Bart Simpson.

Perry is committed to solving a problem. He realizes the dangers of the porous border. Over 200,000 illegals are now imprisoned in Texas jails since Obama’s taken office. These are not over-achieving Rhodes Scholars passing through. They’re gang members. Many are terrorists. There are countless illegals from the Middle East. But the engaged Obama has tee times or fundraisers to hit.

Perry can’t act alone. For the country’s sake, House Speaker Boehner must assert himself. He needs to constantly cite Obama for his absolute neglect of his primary responsibilities. He has the moral and legal authority to do so. Boehner is a far better golfer than Obama. He doesn’t take a Mulligan every hole as Obama does. If golf were the ultimate panacea, British Open Champion, Rory McIlroy, would be emperor of the world.

No president has been so irresponsible and been such a supercilious autocrat. Although, Perry is showing he could be a viable presidential candidate in 2016. If Perry were elected, he definitely wouldn’t have a tough act to follow.

Final Thought: Since the trade deadline is next week, maybe the U.S. could trade Obama for Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and a diplomat to be named later.

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