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Perry Ga Celebrates First Annual New Year's Buzzard Drop

Perry GA to hold first annual New Year's Buzzard Drop
Perry GA to hold first annual New Year's Buzzard Drop

Experience a brand new tradition this New Years as Perry, GA celebrates its first annual Buzzard Drop. The historic and quaint downtown of this small city will be transformed into a festive New Year’s Eve gala. Featuring live music by the Celebration Band, drinks, food and entertainment, Perry is looking to become a party destination for Middle GA.

Named for the buzzards who migrate to the city every winter, the city was determined to find something completely original for their New Years Eve celebration.

According to the Buzzard Drop website...

“New Year’s Eve 2013 will not be your typical Crystal Ball Drop, in Downtown Perry. Yes, it’s true, New York City may host the Apple Drop where over a million people gather to watch as a large, lighted apple descends upon Times Square, and Georgia’s own Atlanta will host the pride of the Peach State’s Peach Drop at Lennox Square. However, here in Perry, we were thinking something more original.”

Perry GA resident Dakoma Sanchez seems to like the idea…

“I am so excited about the Buzzard Drop and I have been looking forward to it for months now. Its great that we have something unique to call our own. The City of Perry has been hosting some great events recently designed to attract attention to our downtown businesses. This is another example of how the city is promoting our wonderful town."

The event begins at 9pm and many local merchants will remain open during the festivities which will take place in Downtown Perry, Ga.

For more information, please visit their website at: Perry Buzzard Drop

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