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Perk TV equals easy money

Perk TV gives rewards for watching videos, entering sweepstakes, taking surveys, and more.
photo by Ryan D. Neely

Have you been looking for some money or free gift cards to your favorite restaurants, retail stores, or departments stores? Are you looking for a company that will compensate you with cash or gift cards for watching movie trailers, downloading apps, and more? If so, you may be the perfect fit for Perk TV.

Perk TV

Perk TV is one of the top mobile rewards earning programs available on the Google Play store and iTunes apps store markets. The cost to download the program is free, but the perks that come through with engaging the app are very beneficial.

Various ways to earn points

Users can earn points easily by watching video trailers to apps and movies. Points can also be earned by taking surveys, accepting offers, or signing up for sweepstakes.

Various gift cards

The are a lot of gift cards that can be redeemed as users cash in their points. Most gift cards come in the form of e-gift cards, but can still be used in stores, restaurants, or the card's designated business.

Turning points into dollars

If users have a PayPal account, they can exchange their Perk TV points for cash payouts up to $100. However, they must watch a select amount of videos before they can start redeeming their points for money.

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