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Perk skin up with a professional facial

Discuss with your aesthetician which type of facial is right for you.
Discuss with your aesthetician which type of facial is right for you.
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With the cold air, wind and changing weather that comes with the fall season, skin can really take a beating. To help combat these negative effects and any sun damage that happened during the summer, it’s important to take special care of skin during colder months.

Get started by treating yourself to a professional facial. Facials remove dead skin, reinvigorating new cell growth and restoring radiance and glow. A trained aesthetician will analyze skin and recommend specific treatments or products based on your skin’s needs. Plus, there are the wonderful pampering and relaxation benefits!

For a first-time facial, go easy and stick with the basic service before trying peels or microdermabrasion, which could irritate the skin. Most basic facials include several layers of cleansing, exfoliation, moisturizing and a customized masque. Many also include a head and neck massage.

Adding a peel or microdermabrasion to your facial adds more intensity to the exfoliation and can help further reduce wrinkles or skin discoloration. During a peel treatment, your aesthetician will apply a natural acid, such as glycolic or lactic to the skin. It can sting, so be sure to discuss potential side effects with your aesthetician before proceeding and start with a gentle treatment first. With microdermabrasion, your aesthetician will mechanically “polish” skin using crystals for a more in-depth exfoliation to even skin texture. This can be somewhat uncomfortable during the treatment, so ask your aesthetician to take a break if it gets to be too much.

While many beauty experts recommend regular facials to maintain skin health, they can also be cost-prohibitive for some. Facelogic Spa has developed an affordable alternative, offering an introductory 50-minute facial for only $49. Following that, the prices go up a bit and additional services are extra, but for those who get hooked, Facelogic’s membership program offers discounted facials all year long. Through November, the Broomfield location is offering discounts on Sanitas peels as an extra incentive. To find out more, visit Facelogic online.


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