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Perhaps we will obtain some honesty in regard to being for traditional marriage

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Marginalizing traditional marriage supporters has been a toxic tactic since the Proposition 8 days when California voters were put in the position to either vote for or against same sex marriage when nobody really wanted to do so. Since Adam and Eve were both ordained by God for thousands of years there have been attempts to change the traditional sense of marriage to incorporate a more broad definition.

Even the main protagonists of the Bible attempted to change what God intended by deviating from a clear standard that set the marriage tradition to include one man and one woman.

Abraham and Sarah decided to help God out by using their understanding to have a baby out of the confines of the marriage arrangement set by God by using a cultural position of having a baby through Sarah's servant Hagar. It plays right into a false impression many people still have that just because it is in the Bible it must be right. God made no insinuation for Abraham to have a child with Hagar.

Patriarch Jacob overcame his uncle Laban's treacherous tricks and fell victim to marrying the oldest daughter of Laban who was Leah. Jacob worked seven additional years to marry the woman he initially desired Rebekah. During the interim of raising a family Jacob had sexual relations with the servants of both his wives to have 12 sons. Intrigued continued to be spun in the family situation as jealousy and favoritism ruled the actions of many. Once again God never instructed Jacob about the family dynamic of multiple females to bear children.

King David had multiple wives and his lack of discipline helped to foster lust within the family which manifested problems in a variety of ways. The sword never left his household as declared by the prophet Samuel due to David's indiscretions. David's son Solomon had both hundreds of wives and a stable of ladies in waiting which demonstrates how sin can increase geometrically in the generations that follow the father.

In all of these examples, not once did God validate the lifestyles that all of these men presented under the description of marriage. Jesus later in the New Testament explained what the marriage definition was according to God and the expectation it carried.

The institution of marriage has been under attack for decades as the marriage certificate itself was held in disdain under the explanation "it is just a piece of paper". When that did not work, the opponents of marriage began changing their tactics.

Next the civil union or domestic partnership documents were forged to be a substitute to the marriage certificate which was on the legal ropes anyway due to the choice of living together without a marriage commitment. Laws were poorly written to cover right under civil unions or domestic partnerships, but it was not the fault of those with traditional marriage values.

Traditional marriage believers could sense the attacks on the institution of marriage was increasing, and a grass roots initiative was circulated that would protect the traditional marriage institution and the legal definition of marriage. Once the initiative reach then attorney general Jerry Brown's office, an extremely strange action took place.

Instead of voting for the legal definition or marriage, Brown's office changed the wording to read "makes gay marriage illegal". Allegedly the reason for changing the wording was for "clarity", however supporters of the initiative cried foul protesting that gay marriage was not the reason the petition was circulated. To this very day there has been a refusal to explain the wording change. Why not "makes polygamy illegal" or any other definition?

The measure now infamously known as Proposition 8 still was passed, but not by the healthy margin due to the wording change which galvanized the same sex marriage supporters. It was one of the more ugly campaigns as supporters of traditional marriage were put in a no win position to vote for the banning of gay marriage. Naturally voting for Prop 8 automatically made you a hater of gay marriage, homophobic, and spreading hatred against gay marriage.

This reverse logic could not have been an accident, but a calculated move to undermine traditional marriage support. It was dirty politics at its worse. If anyone came out supporting traditional marriage, they were painted as evil and hateful against gays. This psychological tactic proved effective since it put anyone supporting traditional marriage in a negative light. Look what happened to the CEO of Chick-Fil-A, all he said was he was for traditional marriage.

Nobody wants to be labeled a bigot, even if its unjustified. Not one same sex marriage measure passed by referendum, but after devastating tactic of negative advertising, measures began to pass. Unfortunately the climate created that put traditional marriage supporters on the defensive has not.

The hatred of traditional values continues with the very rights for religious expression has increased, perhaps in retribution for the incorrect political stance of not embracing same sex marriage, abortion, and capitol punishment. As with any negative climate, one can expand the diatribe or propaganda to other issues.

Being for traditional marriage was never about hating same sex marriage, but more about preserving the institution of marriage and the historical proof that societies that abandoned the traditional marriage standard did not take a long time to collapse morally and eventually cease to exist.

The very issues brought forth by traditional marriage supporter are beginning to take place. A liberal judge in Utah recently validated certain aspects of polygamy even though Utah has some of the toughest marriage laws in the nation. It is only a matter of time until the agreed upon majority definition of marriage dissolves completely.



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