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Performer Claire Cohen has it all!

International Actress and Performer Claire Cohen
International Actress and Performer Claire Cohen
cta 2014

Claire Cohen, has it all. She is ready to rock and has already created flutters in many of her theatre shows. Well going by her training background, one does not get surprised. She has a summer course at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts and various other stints at many illustrious universities. Her training includes the likes of National Institute of Dramatic Arts, American Academy of Dramatic Arts and finally the most prestigious New York Academy Theatre Company. This breath-taking list of renowned universities really underline the kind of interest and potential Claire has in the field of acting.

However, it was not always acting. She started as a child prodigy in the field of music. Her musical talents are equally good. At the small age of five, she was proficiently playing Violin. As she entered into the double digits, she had become adept in French horn, piano and flute. She traveled as a part of the orchestra group to Europe and UK as a fourteen year old. All these aforementioned points indicate the king of excellence she had in music. However, everything changed while she was watching the movie “A Knight’s tale”. She saw Heath Ledger enjoying himself immensely while playing the character and Claire knew that this was what she wanted to do.

Claire wanted to go out and express herself and this probably was the best medium. She has been a part of many theatre plays including the likes of The National Shakespeare Festival at Sydney, Almost Maine, The Rivals, The Veil, Marriage of Bette and Boo and The Prodigal. She also has a movie to her name “The Apartment”, where she played an important supporting role. Claire has taken a fair bit of private coaching too and her private mentors include Deborah Aquila and Larry Moss. She loves hiking, playing rugby and soccer too. With so many talents to showcase, she is certainly a future blockbuster star!