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A Hike Up Mount Sugarloaf
A Hike Up Mount Sugarloaf
Photo by Julie Cunningham

Northfield, Massachusetts gives a feeling of being in a close, connected community and serene, undisturbed nature. This sort of undisturbed, old world charm is the perfect backdrop to the surrounding mountains and rivers.

If you're looking for the perfect, quintessential New England Bed and Breakfast, look no further than the center of town. The Centennial House Bed and Breakfast looks like something out of the film Little Women. Set back from the road, the gray paint with the red roof give the B&B the perfect combination of rustic charm and New England elegance.

The center of town does not disappoint either. The elementary school, right in the center of town, feels like a throw back to a time when people couldn't travel more than 2-3 miles in one day to get to school. Across the street, parents and children can be found reading and relaxing in the late afternoon hours at the local coffee house called Northfield Coffee and Books.

It's not a coincidence that Northfield Mount Hermon, a local boarding school for high school students, boasts some of the most breathtaking views from the cliff side campus.

A quick chat with the locals and travelers feel like they grew up in the town. Locals are friendly, warm, and proud of their town. It's no wonder though, living in such a beautiful place.

For lunch, take picnic to the top of Mount Sugarloaf in Sunderland, Massachusetts. Mount Sugarloaf is a 10-15 minute drive south on Routs 5&10. Travelers can either walk up or drive. At the top, perfectly placed picnic tables allow diners to eat while enjoying the wonderful view.

The best part is it is free!

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