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Perfect travel accessory: Crescent Moon Yoga ExerSocks

Perfect travel accessory: Crescent Moon ExerSocks
Perfect travel accessory: Crescent Moon ExerSocks
Tamar Alexia Fleishman, Esq.

With the strict weight limits European airlines are placing on checked and carry-on luggage, you really have to think out what you pack. Hard-core or soft adventure travelers have to worry about the weight of different shoes they're carrying. But, you can get out of taking many pairs -- for instance, sneakers for public yoga, pilates and barre classes. Similarly, you can get out of taking thong sandals in your luggage, too. How? With Crescent Moon Yoga ExerSocks! I was glad to be hosted to experience them.

They come in all kinds of colors and you can roll them up, carry them in a jacket pocket.

Even at home, if you have hardwood floors, they'll come in handy. I used to dash about and dance around my grandparents' home and once got a slab of wood up my foot. My grandfather, who was a surgeon, had to perform surgery right on their kitchen table! My grandmother went bananas. You can avoid all this wearing ExerSocks.

I found them cozy, well fitting, substantial. This is what they say about them:

Patent-Pending Non-Slip Sole provides grip for low-impact exercises
Cushioned reinforced sole with innovative StretchBand™ for comfort and a snug fit
The hygienic solution for floor and mat exercises

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