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'Perfect Sisters' true story of Beth Andersen-Sandra Andersen

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Bathtub killer sisters case: "Perfect Sisters" is a true-story movie based on the murder of Linda Andersen by her daughters Beth Andersen and Sandra Andersen. The movie came out in 2012. It is directed by Stanley M. Brooks and based on the true-crime book by Bob Mitchell. "Perfect Sisters" cast stars Mira Sorvino, Abigail Breslin and Georgia Henley.

"Perfect Sisters" synopsis/plot

When an unstable, alcoholic mother promises her girls a better life, the sisters are excited about the possibility of finally living a normal life. But, when their mother loses her job and drinks every night, the two sisters devise a plan to drown their mother in the bathtub.

"Perfect Sisters" was inspired by the book "The Class Project: How To Kill A Mother: The True Story of Canada's Infamous Bathtub Girls," by Bob Mitchell.

In that true-crime book, Bob Mitchell details how two sisters planned and carried out the murder of their mother. The names of the real sisters are Sandra Anderson and Beth Anderson, whose stories were featured in Investigation Discovery's 'Deadly Women.'

The real crime happened in Toronto in 1998. That's when police say Beth and Sandra Andersen placed their drunk mother in a bathtub and drowned her. The drowning was made to look like an accident. Their perfect murder plan was discovered after someone came forward with information about the crime.

Sandra and Beth Anderson served 10 years in prison and were released in 2008.

Today, they have new names and new identities.

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