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Perfect replenishing, organic fare at Tel Aviv, Israel's Loveat

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A few weeks ago, after days of hot marching around Israel, jet-lag, skipping lunches, press dinners -- where you can't really eat what you want or at your own pace -- and outdoor stall browsing at Carmel Market in Tel Aviv, I was famished. I mean, hungry in a "I don't care if dinner is scheduled in two hours. I'm hungry and thirsty and worn out right now" way. Plus, I didn't want (yet) another falafel. I needed to eat something that nourished my body and my palette.

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I kind of lucked into Loveat, right in the Carmel market zone. First, I ascertained that they accept American Visa cards -- a rarity on my travels. Then, after that, everything else was icing on the cake. The free WiFi was well appreciated: while abroad, I have my phone on airplane mode and can only communicate, check email in WiFi zones.

As it was hot enough to fry eggs, I didn't head out to their back patio -- inviting as it looked. You can tell people were nursing drinks, typing on laptops, hanging out. I hung out in front of the fan.

I was quite pleasantly surprised to see my delicious panini: "Filled with cheese and green onions" -- pesto, spinach, feta cheese, buffalo mozzarella, Dutch Adom cheese, tomato, and green onion. It was accompanied by the ubiquitous Israeli salad (chopped cukes and tomatoes), but at least theirs was made with garnet red tomatoes. The sandwich was gooey and addictively salty, perfect for a drained gal such as myself.

I had originally ordered one kind of juice drink, but because the fruit was out of season, they recommended the fresh watermelon juice. Now, I kind of passionately hate watermelon; if watermelon were an adversary of mine during litigation, I'd whoop its ass. But I heard that watermelon is a great diuretic and marching around in the heat had blown me up like a balloon. Served with crushed ice, it was excellent and hit the spot! It was still watermelon, but as a juice and under those circumstances, that was the perfect thing to order.

As you'll see in the slideshow, they also serve beautiful salads, too. It's not a strictly Kosher restaurant, in that there are meat dishes and dairy dishes served contemporaneously.

I must say, the service was excellent.