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Perfect Red Pout

Red Lips for Valentines Day
Red Lips for Valentines Day

Want to get the perfect red put this Valentine's Day? Check out these 4 tips on how to achieve a great red lip!

1. Exfoliate First!

Get rid of all the crusty, dry, dead skin on your lips! Your boyfriend [or husband] wants to kiss soft lips this day and that is what you will give him. You can either brush your lips with your toothbrush to help remove some dry skin or your best bet is to exfoliate them with a lip scrub. Sugar scrubs are becoming supra popular and you can find one for as cheap as $3 at Target! [E.L.F.]

2. Moisturize

Next step is to pat your lips dry and apply moisturizer to them. Not facial moisturizer but a lip balm. Carmex, Vaseline, or Sally Hansen Vita-C lip conditioner works best!

3. Line and fill

Now that you pout is plump and moist, line your lips with a neutral colored lip liner. This will help prevent any feathering out. Also fill in your lips lightly to give the lipstick a good base to stick to.

4. Precision

Carefully apply your red lip stick to the bottom and top lip. I like to start out with light strokes then build the color. Go slow because red lipstick is hard to clean up and gets messy quick!

5. Lastly, clean up the edges with a flat brush and some concealer. This will help cover any mistakes and make your look flawless.

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