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Perfect practice makes perfect opportunity

Perfect practice makes perfect opportunity
Perfect practice makes perfect opportunity
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You and I have heard the expression all our lives "practice makes perfect" and practicing something whether it be the trumpet, a sales skill, a surgical or medical assistant skill or even CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) is no different.

However, if we take that time tested truth and polish it up like a brass lamp to update it a few generations to now in the present, can we modify it to say "perfect practice makes perfect opportunity " ? With the advent of new technology, new tools to practice with, and improved skills, we can take once basic skills and use new technology and new approaches to make it better than it ever was before.

For example in CPR, we use CPR mannequins with lights on the shoulder of our "practice" victims, to indicate the proper depth and speed of compressions to make sure our students are getting that "feel" during practice of the proper ratios of depth to speed to make sure even when we practice , we're practicing perfectly designed strokes and muscle memory to maximize their practice time but more importantly, to maximize the skill practice that if our student should be called upon to one day use this life saving skill, she or he will have had perfect practice for this opportunity and not just the motions of what we've heard but what actually works NOW with new technology.

We should still be grateful and thankful for those teaching us CPR skills at any level because as my mother used to say " 2% of something is still better than 0% of nothing ", don't you agree ? Even CPR skills taught to us using basic traditional CPR training equipment is still better than no training at all because both still gives our potential victim a chance at another birthday and that's really all we're trying to do anyway isn't it ?

Happy Heartbeat Friends !

Doug McGehee