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Perfect party tips for children's parties

Plan a perfect party with these tips!
Plan a perfect party with these tips!
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Did you know that dessert spelled backwards is: STRESSED! ?! Follow these perfect party tips for a stress-free, fun-filled party. See you really can have your birthday cake and eat it, too!

Tip #1: KISS: Keep It Simple Stupid! Enjoy the party and don’t worry! If there is a part of the party that feels stressful, eliminate it. There’s nothing that can’t be left out of the party, as long as you don’t forget the birthday boy/girl!

Tip #2: Limit the number of guests. A good rule of thumb is that the number of guests should match the age of the child (ie: 5 guests for a 5th birthday).

Tip #3: Keep the party short and sweet. This way guests are sent home before the sugar rush kicks in!

Tip #4: Consider having a drop-off style party. By eliminating the siblings and parents from the guest list, the party is more manageable. And, often kids use their best manners when another adult is in charge.

Tip #5:
Make sure the invitation is clear. Clearly write the guests’ names on the invitation. This will prevent confusion if siblings are included in the party. Write drop-off and pick-up next to the party times to indicate if the party is a drop-off party.

Tip #6: Keep back-up tricks and treats on-hand. Always have a few extra activities, games and prizes just in case things move faster than expected or there is a change of weather.

Tip #7: Prepare ahead. You have 365 days notice for the next birthday party, use the time wisely. Shop early. Set-up all crafts, games and prizes/favors in bags, boxes or trays, so they easily can be used during the party. Set up for the party as much as possible the day before to prevent last minute frazzle and hassle.

Tip #8: Set a timetable for the party. This will help ensure there are enough activities. But, don’t forget Tip #6, just in case!

Tip #9: Cook a kid-friendly menu. Check out these favorite party foods for kids. Remember, another benefit of a drop-off party is only needing to prepare a kids’ meal, rather than needing to feed the adults, too.

Tip #10: Stick to a theme for the party. Themes actually make planning and decisions easier! Try adapting these favorite party games to any theme and the games are done!

Tip #11: Open gifts after the party. Less chaos, less mess and no worries with guests’ with short attention spans. Or, consider no gifts altogether.

Tip #12: Include the birthday boy/girl in the planning as their age allows. Enjoy the planning process together and let him/her handle some of the preparations from the to-do list.

Tip #13: Just say YES! To help that is. Take friends or family up on their offers to help. But, to get the most out of their assistance, give helpers specific jobs, such as food prep, set-up, photography, videography, etc.

Tip #14: Write names on guests’ favor bags. Eliminate the stress of who got one, and who forgot one.

Tip #15: Place plenty of trash bags, wet wipes and paper towels where they are easily accessible. Guaranteed, you’ll need them at some point during the party!

Above all, remember, it’s not the most extravagant party that is the most memorable….it’s the party with the most smiles!

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