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'Perfect Murder, Perfect Town': True story, JonBenet Ramsey movie

"Perfect Murder, Perfect Town: JonBenet and the City Of Boulder" is a fact-based true story movie based on the Christmas murder of Jon Benet Ramsey. "Perfect Murder, Perfect Town" first aired on CBS as a Sunday night world premier miniseries in 2000. The crime drama now airs on Lifetime Television. It is based on the book by Lawrence Schiller. The movie stars Kris Kristofferson, Marg Helgenberger and Ronny Cox.

The Jon Benet Ramsey case is still unsolved.
based on a shocking true case
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"Perfect Murder, Perfect Town: JonBenet and the City Of Boulder" synopsis/plot

When a beautiful 6-year-old girl is found dead in her home on Christmas, the little girl's parents are the prime suspects. But, as the police investigation widens, police have a whole list of unlikely suspects in this whodunit.

"Perfect Murder, Perfect Town: JonBenet and the City Of Boulder" is based on the shocking death of JonBenet Ramsey, a 6-year-old Colorado child pageant winner who was murdered in her home on Christmas Eve. The murder gripped the nation as police scurried to find evidence to charge her parents John and Patsy Ramsey. Jon Ramsey and Patsy Ramsey were cleared of any wrongdoing in 2008.

The case became a media sensation because of the child pageant element to the case.

The Boulder police investigation came under the nation's scrutiny and became the subject of much criticism regarding the Boulder Police Department's handling of the case. 49-year-old Patsy Ramsey died of cancer in 2006. Today, John Ramsey now regrets having allowed his daughter to participate in pageants, according to ABC News.

As of 2014, the murder of JonBenet Ramsey is still unsolved.

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