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Perfect Date Night - Ichiban and Bar 101

Beef tataki in ponzu sauce
Beef tataki in ponzu sauce
Ashley Carroll

If you are looking for a great restaurant and bar to take your loved one to this Valentine's Day, think about heading downtown to Capitol Street. Eat a delicious meal at Ichiban and head through the glass doors after dessert for a few martinis at Bar 101.

Ichiban features Asian cuisine and boasts an extensive sushi menu in a cozy, beautifully decorated restaurant. Be sure to order the warm Purple Haze saki to share and a bowl of edamame seasoned with sea salt to nibble on while you and your date browse the entrée selections.

The best way to experience Ichiban is to share several maki selections or appetizers between two people. Sharing bite size rolls and experiencing the flavor of each dish makes for a romantic meal. If you would rather have a full dinner to yourself, the Thai Red Snapper is not to be missed. Although it is technically an appetizer, the beef tataki certainly eats like a meal. Beef tenderloin is quickly seared on the outside and left rare on the inside. It is then sliced thin, drizzled with ponzu sauce and served with raw red onions, carrots and scallions. Pair this with squid salad and miso soup and you have a delicious, light meal.

After diner, saunter over too Bar 101 for some after dinner drinks and more conversation. Located right next door to Ichiban, you won’t have to travel far to continue the evening. Snuggle up to your sweetie and enjoy your evening out in Charleston this weekend.

For reservations at Ichiban or more information, call (304) 720-7874.

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  • ~Mama Beaumont 5 years ago

    The warm Purple Haze is amazing - I love Ichiban!

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