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Perennial Herbs: Mint

Mint Leaves
Mint Leaves

Mint is a great perennial herb to keep in mind when planting your garden this spring!


Peppermint, Spearmint, Apple Mint, and Pineapple Mint are your choices.  Mint is a very easy plant to grow and may take over your garden if you're not careful.  For best results give mint plenty of room to spread in a partially shady location (mint will grow more slowly if put in full sun and may be easier to contain).  Buy mint plants from a local nursery or get a start from a friend because growing mint from seeds can be fairly difficult.  Pinching off the ends of them stems in springtime will result in a bushier plant.  Also remember to prune the plant back in the fall. 

Peppermint is the most effective as a medicinal herb attributed to relieving stomach indigestion, vomiting, and menstrual cramping.    Spearmint is a more subdued version (better for children).  Fresh of dried leaves can be used in teas and even tastes great in warm milk.  Drinking mint infused beverages after dinner can help aide in digestion. 

Mint leaves can also make a refreshing facial rise when the leaves a bruised and added to cold water. 

Mint rubbed directly onto the skin can help relieve arthritis pain.

My Favorite Mint Drink:

  •        Club soda
  •        Muddled Mint
  •        Top with a dash of lemonade
  •        Garnish with a lime

Denver Nurseries I can personally recommend:

Paulino Gardens
6300 North Broadway
Denver, CO 80216

Nick's Garden Center and Farm Market
2001 South Chambers Road
Aurora, CO 80014-4502
(303) 696-6657

Arapahoe Acres Nursery Inc.
9010 Santa Fe Drive
Littleton, CO 80125-9728
(303) 791-1660


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