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Perdition Smokehouse opens in Berkeley

Perdition Smokehouse opens tonight in Berkeley. As I assume all of my readers love both craft beer and BBQ, I suggest you check the place out.

Chuck Stilphen, founder of craft beer meccas Øl Beercafe, The Trappist and Trappist Provisions and Mikkeller Bar SF, is leading the charge on Perdition, so you know what kind of beer quality to expect.

Of course, at a BBQ place you'll want validation that the food is great too. I checked it out earlier this week and got to try a couple of the meats. The long communal tables with bottles of BBQ sauce and rolls of paper towels set the tone. The brisket, fall-off-the-bone ribs, and hushpuppies sent me home happy and full.

But don't just take it from me. Perdition partnered with Mikkeller Bar's chef, the highly regarded Michael O'Brien, to act as Executive Chef and General Manager. And you can tell. The decor is wonderful, the food inspires gluttony, and the beer - well the beer is certainly unique.

The trend of session beers has grown tremendously in the area over the past year and a half. Perdition takes session beers to the next level. The smokehouse claims to have 43 taps of only rotating American session beers, in both pints and pitchers. In my opinion, session beers are hard to pull of. Often you are left with a less flavorful IPA, which happens to have a lower ABV.

So I was concerned with the beers Perdition would have on tap. I was pleasantly surprised. The session beers I had were great, a tart peach farmhouse ale from Tahoe Mountain, and a Berlinerweisse from Golden Road. Knowing that this is Chuck's place, I should have known he would have a great selection of beers on tap.

Oh, and if session beers aren't your thing, I did spy a couple beers over 6.5% ABV on the list.

Perdition Smokehouse is a welcome addition to the Bay Area, and I suggest heading over to drink some beer with your BBQ. It opens today.


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