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'Perception' 'Silence' recap: Those awful, constant thoughts

'Perception' season 3 episode 9 "Silence"
'Perception' season 3 episode 9 "Silence"
Trae Patton, used with permission

The Tuesday, Aug. 12 episode of "Perception," 309, "Silence," sees Kate and Daniel investigate after shots are fired at the FBI building. Meanwhile, that blonde has a proposal for Donnie – but is it just a political one?

This week's "Perception" is all about those awful, constant thoughts in your head that can either be helpful or hurtful. For Daniel, he has mastered figuring out whether those voices are helping or hurting and trying his hardest not to listen if it's the latter. For Kate, she's facing those voices when it comes to Donnie and mistakes from the past. For Alex, the voices are what drive him to open fire and then retreat to the only place he can think to go. For Randy, it's what drives him to do something about his cheating wife. And for Donnie, well, he might just be hearing voices too by the end of the episode, voices telling him whether or not to take a step down a familiar path.

Kate and Donnie have just met for their coffee date outside when shots are fired. Only one agent, Nina, is injured, but she's going to be okay. The shooter left his gun behind, and Daniel gets to work on the numbers on it and written in the area. They could be looking at someone suffering from a specific type of OCD that involves the obsession with counting things, and it's associated with bipolar disorder and even schizophrenia. At first, Daniel thinks the shooter was just aiming for the X-ray machine Nina was standing in front of, but then her partner, Jeff, is killed outside the hospital, and it looks like his theory is shot to hell – until he realizes that Nina's husband killed her partner because they were having an affair and he saw Jeff kiss her before surgery.

That doesn't explain who shot Nina, so Daniel gets to work on the numbers, and it's a call from his hallucination-of-the-week, over CB radio via his Walkman, that gives him the answer. The 13 on the gun is really 1+3=4, and he decodes the other numbers (ELF GUN) to figure out that the shooter was targeting the X-ray machine because in his mind, it's the same thing as ELF (extreme low-frequency) radio-waves. They're looking at someone who works in the building, and Daniel figures that out as well: Alex White, a date entry clerk who filed four disability claims that he was suffering from radiation poisoning attributed to security procedures. If that's not enough, his apartment is covered in foil and he has a notebook where he's divided everything into four-letter groups. The last thing he wrote? "I'm under attack by the US government. Dr. Chandler is the only one who can help me."

Dr. Chandler told him to limit his exposure to all electromagnetic sources, so he headed to the Quiet Zone, a 13,000 square mile area in Virginia and West Virginia where electromagnetic radiation is highly restricted. Kate and Daniel go to track him down, but when a local misleads Kate, it's Daniel who ends up driving (for the first time in 20 years!) after him and trying to get through to him. It works, but when Alex is about to give up the gun to Daniel, the police think he's going to shoot him and take the shot instead. Somehow the officer aims right where the coin that Alex carries around that fits with his delusion is, and it saves his life.

As for Donnie, Shelby isn't interested in a date (well, at least that's what she says when she stops by his office), but in grooming him to run for alderman. They've done some initial polling, and the numbers look good, and who knows where this could take him. Donnie assures Kate that he won't run if it interferes with their wedding or if she doesn't want him to, but he could do good things for the city. She agrees to support him, but that means meeting with Shelby, who wants to know all the skeletons in her closet – and she already knows about the affair from Donnie. She loves that Kate is standing by her man because voters love forgiveness.

When Kate's case means she has to miss the dinner where he's announcing he's running, the trouble begins, with Kate telling him he's the one who wants the spotlight, not her, and that her career won't take a backseat to his. Plus, she's not happy about Shelby, so maybe they should reconsider this whole thing. And by "whole thing," she means running for office. Out in the Quiet Zone, Kate admits to Daniel that she can't help but worry that he's going to cheat again, and it looks like she might have reason to because Shelby's all ready to toast to their success at the dinner – and it looks like she enjoys it just a bit too much when she wipes her lipstick off his cheek. Donnie, here's some advice: Don't. Please don't. Just say no.

"Perception" season 3 airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. on TNT. What did you think of episode 9 "Silence"?

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