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'Perception' 'Possession' recap: Good and evil

'Perception' season 3 episode 4 "Possession"
'Perception' season 3 episode 4 "Possession"
Trae Patton, used with permission

Can John Glover as "Perception's" Devil and Mark Pellegrino as "Supernatural's" Lucifer just trade off on chiming in occasionally from the corner on every TV show? Yes, a lot more happened in the Tuesday, July 8 episode of TNT's smartest drama series, but that's the main takeaway. Okay, maybe it isn't, but "Smallville's" Lionel Luthor as the Devil has to be mentioned right away in this recap.

Kate brings Daniel in on this week's "Perception" case after finding out new information about an unsolved murder: an online video showing the victim's boss confessing to killing her. Oh, but she's possessed by the devil? So we get Timothy V. Murphy as the priest performing an exorcism at the husband's request after anti-psychotics didn't help and as mentioned above, Glover as Daniel's hallucination-of-the-week, the Devil. In this case, we don't mind that the hallucination is obvious. Thanks to the Devil, Daniel realizes that Elena has a tumor that's causing her crazy behavior, but even once she's acting saner after it's removed, she still confesses to killing Sylvie – in detail.

"The devil's in the details," Hallucination-Satan tells Daniel, who remembers that the tumor would have led to some amnesia, so she shouldn't be able to tell them all those details. She could be using it as a cover-up to plead not guilty by reason of insanity, but as they discover when they look into her activities the night of the murder, she was busy passed out in her car for hours in a hotel parking lot. So much for her being their killer because she thought her husband was having an affair with the victim.

The next suspect is Elena's husband, but he too has an alibi: his regular appointment with his dominatrix. However, that's how they begin to put together the pieces. With help from his hallucination, Daniel realizes the husband's sessions would have cost much more ($1500 an hour!) than he should be able to afford running a charity. Money laundering. It's all about money laundering.

The devil in this case, however, is closer to home than they suspect – and not the family member they suspect at first. It's all about the queen, and while Sylvie did find out her family was involved, she didn't confront her father like they thought. Instead, like he had told them, she went to her mother with all her problems, and she did that when she learned the truth as well. She sacrificed her daughter to protect the rest of her family, and when Sylvie refused to drop it, she ran her over. Talk about cold!

Meanwhile, Kate faces a big problem when her professional life interfered with her personal life. She gets on the wrong side of the priest when she first finds him performing the exorcism, and it turns out he's the one she and Donnie need to pull the strings to get their marriage annulled so they can get married in the church like Donnie wants. Because she won't give him a formal apology she actually means, it looks like their wedding is going to end up being at the Four Seasons, and while Donnie says he's okay with that, he's not, and Father Pat points out he's just trying to atone for his mistakes from his first marriage. It's up to Kate to fix it, and she does – with playoff tickets that will bring in a fortune at the church auction. Their wedding is back on at the church.

Finally, Max becomes determined to beat Daniel at chess, and he even goes so far as to chess-trash talk him. He studies up and everything, and he does manage to win. His celebration is worth the bad trash talk. After all, it is all about the Queen.

"Perception" season 3 airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. on TNT. What did you think of episode 4 "Possession"?

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