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Pepsi sugar soda coming from soft drink giant in summer 2014

Pepsi is bringing back soda with real sugar this summer.
Beverage Digest Twitter

Pepsi is bringing real sugar soda to store shelves this summer. The soft drink retailer is trying this new product for their customers to help bring sales back up. Yes, soda sales are down as people try to get healthier by ditching the soda. On April 10, New York Daily News reported on the plan to offer the new Pepsi with real sugar.

However, this is not all that new. Pepsi already had a real sugar soda offering on store shelves. Both Pepsi and Mountain Dew had real sugar items on store shelves between 2009 and 2012. The products were a part of the 'throwback' line, and they were packaged in special retro style cases. This 'new' Pepsi is more of a relaunch of that line. New name and new packaging. The new Pepsi with Real Sugar will be offered in regular, diet, and cherry flavors.

The real sugar will replace the high fructose corn syrup that is currently used to sweeten the product. This is not the only change Pepsi is making to their products. Store shelves are also seeing new packaging for the current Pepsi on store shelves. The bottles now have a lighter blue wrapping instead of the dark blue that has been seen on store shelves. The new packaging almost falls in line with the Pepsi Next packaging. This can confuse consumers.

Sodas are definitely declining. There was a 7% decrease last year for Coke and Pepsi. It is doubtful that people will stop drinking sodas completely, but some are moving away from the popular soft drinks. Reaction to this new product offering was not positive on social media when it was announced by Beverage Digest. What do you think? Will you pick up the new Pepsi with real sugar when it hits store shelves this summer?

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