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Pepsi stock up time

With Super Bowl fast approaching, the sales on soda, chips, dips, crackers, cheese, and ground beef will start.  That's definitely true at Walgreens and CVS, where you can get a great deal on soda pop this week, through Jan 30th. 

CVS:  Buy$20 on Pepsi Co products, get $10 ECB back.  There are more items than just Pepsi listed, but it seems to be the best deal.  So, buy 6 boxes of Pepsi 12 packs and pay $20, but get $10 back off your next purchase.  See here for more details.  If you are a Starbucks fan, there is also 4 packs of Starbucks frappuccino for $5.  You could buy 4 packs for $20 and get $10 back.

Walgreens:  Almost the same deal, buy $20 worth of Pepsi co products and get $10 Register Rewards.  The Tostitos Chips also seem to be a decent deal, at $2.50 each.  You could purchase a combination of items, such as 3 12 packs of Pepsi and 4  Tostitos Chips/salsas, pay $20 and get $10 back.  Please note the program differences in the link provided above.

To find the Walgreens nearest to you, click here.

To find the CVS nearest to you, click here.


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