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Pepsi MAX - Jeff Gordon video goes viral

In less than two days, Pepsi’s Test Drive video featuring NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon has amassed more than 7.5 million views on You Tube. The hilariously exciting video, presents a cleverly disguised Gordon named "Mike" visiting a car dealership. After being convinced by Steve the salesman, the pair head out on a test drive of a super charged 2009 Chevy Camaro. Shortly after Gordon, a Bay Area native and driver of a Pepsi MAX Chevy in NASCAR races, pulls out of the dealership, the popular driver shows why he is one of the best in the business.

NASCAR Driver Jeff Gordon
(Photo by Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images for NASCAR) July 1, 2011

Part of an ad campaign for Pepsi MAX, the 3:46-minute video has surged in popularity on You Tube’s and gained at least four million views within the past 24 hours. In the video, Jeff Gordon, places a can of Pepsi MAX into the Camaro’s cup holder and little does the car salesman know, the specially designed soda can is actually a “can cam” recording Steve’s every moment. And Gordon’s fake glasses he’s wearing in the video are actually a “glasses cam”, recording everything he is seeing. Shortly after pulling out of the dealership, Gordon pushes the car to its limits just like a racecar driver, while screeching through extremely close corners, spinnning 360s and making seemingingly unsafe maneuvers. The entire time, Steve goes through a range full of emotions, from easy going to being scared and eventually quite angry.

Whether or not Steve was an actor or not, those who have viewed the video don’t seem to care as the number of views has been climbing steadily all day. As “Test Drive” has gone viral and interest has skyrocketed with what really happened. It turns out that Jeff Gordon had a stunt double driving the Camaro and Steve is actually an actor posing as a salesman, but at a real car dealership called Troutman Motors in North Carolina.

It’ seem pretty evident that the “Test Drive” Pepsi MAX ad has been a rousing success over the internet. Although a spokesman for Chevrolet reportedly said that the American car company was not involved in making of the video, the folks at Chevrolet are certain to be pleased with the response from millions of viewers and are hoping the ad’s success translates into more purchases of Chevys, in particular its Camaro. Of course, Pepsi is hoping the see the same results in sales of Pepsi MAX.