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Pepsi, Coke: New soda fountain is new battleground for soda giants

Pepsi and Coke have new soda fountains being released, and this is the new area of battle between the long time rivals. The two soft drink companies have battled over customers for years, and that battle will not end any time soon. The new battle field is over new high tech soda fountains. Each company now has their entry into the battle. On May 22, Canada Journal reported on Pepsi's new soda fountain called the Spire. It will now go up against Coke's soda fountain called the Freestyle.

If you've entered some restaurants, you might have seen the new high tech Coke Freestyle machine. Gone is the fountain with the limited choices and sometimes messy results. The soda fountain has gone high tech with a large selection of flavors available and a no mess serving. The Freestyle fountain made its debut in 2009, and customers can choose from one of 100 different flavors with a press of one button.

Pepsi now has its own soda fountain. The Spire has popped up in 50 locations already, and it should be seen in a lot more soon. Currently, there are three models of Pepsi's soda fountain. The first has 40 different flavors to choose from. The Spire 5.0 is the third model available, and it will give the customer 1,000 different drinks to choose from. It might have taken Pepsi a few years to jump in with their own high tech soda fountain, but they are jumping in with their own device in a big way.

Indra Nooyi, the CEO at Pepsi, had this to say about the new soda fountain, according to News Max: "Our machine addresses a lot of the issues that restaurant owners said they had with other machines: wait times, the cost of the machine was too high. It required a new operating system; they had to train their workers how to use a new cartridge. So I think our machine is just different. It's the 21st-, 22nd-century machine."

John Faucher, an analyst for the beverage industry with JP Morgan Chase, did say that the new fountain might not add anything to the market place. However, restaurants are already picking up the Spire after Nooyi spoke about it at a recent restaurant conference. The Spire 5.0 with its 1,000 flavors is popular. Restaurants like the Spire because it is also smaller than the bulky Coke Freestyle fountain. Coke is addressing the size concerns of restaurant owners with their new fountain models. Jennifer Mann from Coke is out promoting the new smaller model to restaurant owners, according to Economic Times.

Pepsi and Coke have been battling each other in the market place for years. Each have their customers. Some prefer one over the other. However, the two soft drinks will continue to make better and more products in order to lure customers away from their competitor. These new soda fountains are just a sign of the continued battle between the two companies. It is a war that will not end anytime soon.

What do you think? Have you seen the Pepsi Spire at a restaurant in your area? Have you tried the Coke Freestyle fountain?

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