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People watching and hoisting a few at Yuma, AZ's Lutes Casino

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Lutes Casino -- really, a restaurant/bar/pool hall -- has been in business in one form or another in Yuma, Arizona since 1901. Back then, it was the Wild West, Arizona Territory! Of course there was illegal gambling and what-not going on. They have the oldest, continuously running pool hall in the State of Arizona. I was happy to be hosted to experience it.

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These days, busloads of people from all around (they're right near the California border) come see the lively place decorated with old signs, license plates, pictures and posters. People come to watch the people, too! A piano player with shirt garters plays old-timey favorites. The pool tables are still there. The men's restroom has one way glass in the door, allowing pool players to look out at the tables, to be sure no one is disturbing the order of the game. The ladies room, not to be outdone, I suppose, has advertisements for a wedding chapel.

The cuisine can best be described as "3rd grade girls' pajama party" with hotdogs placed on hamburgers, chili cheese fries, potato tacos -- for that extra carb loading. But unlike a girls' sleepover, at least they've got a liquor license to wash it all down.

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