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People to Congress: Get a job!

Home for Christmas
Home for Christmas
CS Monitor

As the public is forced to listen to yet another failure of Congress to solve a problem before they go "home for Christmas", we are slapped with news that we might have to pay higher taxes and we might not get unemployment benefits. Well try this on for size Congress, "Ron Paul might win in Iowa and then turn around and do it again in New Hampshire. In fact, he might even win the presidential nomination, which means many of you might be on your way out the door."

While the mainstream news media attempts to convince us that Mitt and Newt are still battling it out for the top contender, many Americans are finding their voice in Ron Paul. "Stop borrowing money to pay off debt." "Stop fighting other people's wars." "Bring the troops home and secure our own borders." "Stop meddling in peoples' lives." Honest, straightforward and to the chase, Ron Paul says it like it is. And even though the news media tries to steer the direction back toward the main party platform, the polls and numbers show that the Doc. has struck a nerve with the grassroots.

While the other presidential hopefuls knock "big government", and declare how they are going to rescue the American People from the clutches of greedy politicians, Ron Paul is the only one with the record and the know-how to actually pull it off. When everyone else on stage is already planning to invade Iran and Syria simultaneously, while flying drones over America's borders and implementing illegal immigrant ID checkpoints, and creating a new set of military laws for suspected terrorists, Ron Paul is planning to eliminate whole government departments.

Do they really want us to believe that they can create a different set of laws for "enemy combatants" while ensuring the civil liberties of citizens, when they can't even extend a tax cut that both parties agree on? Now they insult the American People by passing an "extension" while the threat of higher taxes and lower benefits looms over Christmas. Please!

The only consolation one can take from any of this is that both parties are worried Ron Paul might actually win in Iowa, and possibly New Hampshire. Republicans are worried because Dr. Paul has already vowed to end the military industrial complex overseas and eliminate the need for bureaucratic meddling here at home. Democrats are worried because, unlike their Republican counterparts, they know that Ron Paul is the only nominee who can actually beat Obama since he can draw from the anti-war crowd, the anti-bailout crowd and the anti-establishment crowd as well as those who are just flat-out disgusted with politicians.

So while you are watching Bob Cratchett shiver in Scrooge's office, and George Bailey jump into that cold, icy water, take heart that Congress is actually worried whether or not that skinny little guy from Texas might be able to pull it off. Then the phrase "Happy New Year" will take on a whole new meaning to you as you realize February has that extra day.


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