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People Send "Thank You" Card to IRS

As has been well-reported, the IRS had targeted Tea Party and Conservative groups. While this is an abuse of power, and a violation of the Constitution, there are some people who feel that the IRS was doing the right thing.

A Conservative pundit brought a "Thank you" card addressed to the IRs for targeting the Tea Party and other conservative groups to a college campus, and actually got people to sign the card. There has been some people on both the left and the right who have called out the IRS and discussed the implications of such a violation of the Constitution. However, there are some ignorant people who believe this was a great thing to do.

There are quite a few issues with this. First, the people who are thanking the IRS are doing so out of ignorance of what the Tea Party actually does and stands for. They think that they might be bad for America, racist, and all for the rich. All of that is completely opposite from truth. But that's for a different discussion. Secondly, this was an abuse of power. And for people who typically fight for equality and rights for everyone, they seemed to care very little about rights. Third, if this were the other way around, with a liberal group being targeted, nobody would be allowed to question the legitimacy of the scandal, and careers and reputations would be absolutely destroyed for anyone who even came close to people involved in enforcing the harassment. And the idea of this card being sent would have actually been reported on the news, with the people who signed it likely being publicly announced as well as the addresses of where they lived. Lastly, at least for the issues I will address here, is that if this happened to the Tea Party and Conservative groups, simply because the people who are in power at the IRS wanting to punish the groups for their views, and it is not addressed correctly, the people who signed that card could be targeted when other people are in power. This is a serious issue that should not be taken lightly. Anytime power is abused to disregard the Constitution, it is wrong, and needs to be addressed. And the people who actually would address it, regardless of who the victims were, would be the Tea Party.

People need to realize that it does not matter who the victim is in this type of situation. This type of thing happening without the proper legal response can be very dangerous. As is indicated by this scandal, and many other actions over the past few years, the Constitution is being disregarded more and more. Regardless of what is supposed to happen, our judicial system is basing decisions on precedent, rather than law. So with this situation, if not handled appropriately, will set a precedent that will, in fact, hurt all Americans. If not addressed sufficiently, it will be a further degradation of the Constitution and our freedom, and America, as we know it, will not last.


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