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People's Choice Awards honor a few fan favorites that cross all genres of music

The People's Choice Awards aired on January 6 on CBS with Queen Latifah as the show's host. She opened the show with a humorous musical ditty for the show instead of a tired monologue with was very refreshing. These awards honor performers in movies, television and music. Several of the music industry's biggest artists were represented. However, since this is a show where just the fans vote, it is very much a popularity contest.

2010 People Choice statuette

Let's start with who took home a glass award. Mariah Carey won for Favorite R&B Artist even though she was nominated along with some other phenomenal artists many of which are more current. And she was clearly drunk when she gave her acceptance speech. Country seems to be very popular as Carrie Underwood took home the award for Favorite Country Artist but both Taylor Swift and Keith Urban won in the mainstream Favorite Artist categories which included nominees from multiple genres.  It is strange that this awards show has a Favorite Country Artist and Favorite R&B Artist but both rock and pop are lumped together in the general categories of Favorite Male/Female Artists. It just illuminates the fact that this show needs to update its categories to reflect the large spectrum of music. And a bright light was shown on the new musical comedy Glee that won for favorite new comedy TV show. There were some winners that were not annoinced on the show, here is a complete list.

Now, the performances were kind of abysmal in the grand scheme of award shows. Cobra Starship was the true train wreck of the night. I have included a video of their performance so you can judge for yourself.  This is yet another band that I now like less after hearing them perform live. Nicole Sherzinger was good vocally but the rest of the band was a big ole mess. However, Mary J. Blige performed "I Am" and it was phenomenal as is expected from such a great artist. No matter what type of music you like, Mary J. Blige delivers a great performance. Overall, the show was moderately entertaining with Queen Latifah in random skits but was also overloaded with shameless promotion and product placement.



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