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People Pleaser

Photo by Jamie McCarthy

My friend Linda is what I call a 'People Pleaser'. She is constantly doing favors- running errands, giving donations, lending money, etc. She spends the bulk of her day attending to other's needs. Linda puts others first; I only wish her friends would reciprocate her sincerely selfless efforts.

Last year Linda was asked to do her friend Donna a favor. Donna is constantly taking advantage of Linda's sweet and giving nature. Their relationship is clearly one-sided- Donna takes and Linda gives. Donna had volunteered to chair a charity event. She did so for the recognition and praise, but had no intention of doing the required work. She was confident that Linda would "help". She asked Linda to do the networking on line, meet with the printer, address the Save the Dates, get donations from local vendors, and even pack the gift bags. The event took place last summer at DeSeversky Hall and Linda was unable to attend. She couldn't afford the extravagant $250 donation for the evening. Donna had purchased a table of ten. She had mentioned this numerous times to all their friends, but never extended an invitation to Linda. The event was a success, and Donna eagerly took all the credit and accolades given. Linda was hurt, but made excuses for her friend's incorrigible and inexcusable behavior.

What came to my mind when when I heard this unnerving story was a line from an old song- "You can't please everyone, so you've got to please yourself."

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