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People needed to assist in search for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 from home

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Two days ago a call to action was issued to the public for help finding the missing aircraft that seems to have vanished. The public is joining in the search for the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.

Confusion seems to be the theme surrounding the search. This will need as many hands on deck as possible, so it only seems logical to reach out to the public who have the technology to assist. All it takes is a computer and time.

How can you help find missing flight 370 of Malaysia Airlines?

DigitalGlobe is a commercial satellite operator that is based in Colorado and they are posting very "detailed satellite images" of search zones hoping that the crowd sourcing can help them solve this mystery.

DigitalGlobe's Luke Barrington told reporters at CNN that "This is a real needle-in-the-haystack problem, except the haystack is in the middle of the ocean; The company is asking viewers to mark anything that looks interesting, any signs of wreckage or life rafts."

There are 239 people missing with the Boeing 777-200 jet that was going from Kuala Lumpur to Malaysia and ultimately to Beijing. Air traffic controllers stopped getting a signal or radar image around two hours after the airliner took off.

It is reported that "four of the plane's passengers are Americans."

Items about the size of a dinner plate can be captured through DigitalGlobe's satellite photos even though they are taken about 400 miles above Thailand's gulf. Ever pixel is an estimated half of a meter on the surface of the ocean.

The suspected crash area is more than "1,235 square miles." That is why digital searchers are being called for.

The digital search volunteer will mark anything of interest, and DigitalGlobe will look into it.

While the site has been "flooded with volunteers" more are needed. Due to the demand on the site images have also been added to its sister site, Tomnod.