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People enjoy selling food at Green Markets

Outdoor green markets are popular places for people to sell food items and craft items.

In South Florida, there a number of popular green markets that are attracting people who want to get started in the food and craft business or make some extra money.

Glen Turpening sells chocolate at the Pompano Beach Summer Market. "We make homemade chocolate and the chocolate we sell is very good for people's health. I love being here. It is a fun place to do business," said Turpening.

Brian Petrie was selling coconuts at the Pompano Beach Summer Market. "It is a little slow today but I like being here. What we sell is locally grown," said Petrie.

Stephanie Winne also likes selling at the Summer Market. "I make fresh fruit smoothies and baked apple crisp. I like this market," said Winne.

Coral Springs offers the Mega Green Market. Jerry Guarjardo spent a recent Saturday selling lemonade. "This is a nice place to sell lemonade. People come here and buy our lemonade and I like being part of this market," said Guarjardo.

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