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Pentian Publishing’s US Launch Of The Thriller CYBERWAR Is Coming...

Cyberwar Is A Thriller By R.J. Huneke & Pentian
Cyberwar Is A Thriller By R.J. Huneke & Pentian

It all went to hell when the world’s greatest cyber warriors chose to wage war for themselves and not on behalf of the politicians that hired them. Hackers, they used to be called.

To Xera, William Waltz was a broken spy and a fugitive, manipulated by the Cyber Elite that ruled from Canada to Peru. If she helped him, the Cyberwar could be avoided . . . but the assassin named “Sheetrock” tracked them to use his bio-hacked body to delete them both.

Cyberwar is a thriller novel from author R.J. Huneke and will be published by Pentian Publishing working with Rune Works. Act now and visit Pentian's site here if you would like to read an excerpt from the first chapter and/or invest in Cyberwar to receive royalties from copies sold (for a limited time only).

The research on cyber warfare and political protest, as well as a strong female protagonist set this riveting story apart.

On May 31, 2014 PENTIAN launched its revolutionary publishing and crowdfunding model in the US at the Book Expo of America. Pentian is invoking their crowdfunding platform, as a publisher, and their business plan calls on potential readers and investors to crowdfund their Pentian favorites so that the cost to create, print and distribute the book on the market is covered by the determinate readers who wish to bring their authors’ works to life.

Pentian believes that invoking a community around funding a book helps to add to the media exposure and burgeon its success.

The future is now . . . and Cyberwar is coming . . .

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