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Pentecost activities for kids

Bible with Fiery Tongue Bookmark
Bible with Fiery Tongue Bookmark
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Pentecost is an important celebration for Christians, since it is the birthday of the Christian church. It comes on the fiftieth day after Easter and ten days after Christians celebrate Jesus ascending to heaven. Pentecost is the day that the Holy Spirit filled the disciples full of courage, so they began sharing the good news of Jesus dying and rising. Help kids understand the significance of the day with these fun activities.

Hold a Birthday Party!

Celebrate the church's birthday with a party! Provide cake and decorate with red balloons. Use twenty one red candles for the centuries since the first Pentecost. Then give a gift of time to the church by doing a special project for a church ministry or help clean the pews or grounds.

Celebrate the Gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Use a red cloth or sheet and tie it up high by each corner, with a long string or robe on one end to pull. Fill it with small snacks, knick-knacks, and red candies. Let children gather under the cloth, then pull the robe and let the contents shower down on everyone. Talk about the joy of receiving little presents; like the joy of receiving gifts of the spirit.

Celebrate the Fiery Tongues!

The Fiery Tongues was the Holy Spirit, which decedent upon the disciples’ of Jesus at the first Pentecost. Celebrate this event by having kids wear red and cut paper or cloth tongue shaped banners to swoosh. Attach the tongues to sticks and swirl them around; or swing the banners and dance to music. Light a fire or red candle, and in the glow of the flame discuss the importance of faith, prayer answers, and courage to tell others about Jesus.

These activities will provide fun activities for kids to use for your Pentecost party on May 27, as well as wonderful learning tools. For more weekend ideas, check out the articles listed below.