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Pentagon reminds service members, ‘Pot use is still illegal for warriors’

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While it might be ok for the nation’s biggest advocate of weed to order up “whiskey for his men and beer for his horses”, the Pentagon is sending a really strong message that warriors, all branches, are still prohibited from using marijuana in any form. Period.

Washington State and Colorado have legalized recreational pot; in fact, many recreational retailers in Washington were notified via email in the middle of the night last night that their license had been approved. NPR reported that of more than 2,000 applications less than 400 licenses were actually approved.

Colorado legalized recreational marijuana on January 1, 2014.

Both Washington and Colorado have a large military presence and military officials want to remind troops and on-base civilians, that using marijuana on or off military installations is still outlawed by the federal government.

As a reminder that drug use is not compatible with military service, the Department of Defense wants warriors to know that anyone testing positive for drug use, including marijuana, the penalty is stiff; anything from a general discharge up to a dishonorable discharge (a stigma that haunts for life). Jail time for possession or distribution is always on the table.

Department of Defense civilians and contractors face potential job loss and/or federal prosecution for possession; per Executive Order 12564, use of marijuana by federal employees is prohibited as a condition of employment. See “Drug Free Workforce Act of 1988."

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