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Pentagon: Ammo set for destruction due to outdated system

Pentagon ready to destroy $1 billion in ammo.
Pentagon ready to destroy $1 billion in ammo.
Malis/Wikimedia Commons

The Pentagon is ready to destroy ammo that is no longer safe for use. How much ammunition is set for destruction? Reports state that over $1 billion in bullets and missiles have been allowed to sit and go to waste when it could have been used by others. A date for the destruction has not yet been set. On April 28, The Inquisitr reported on the Pentagon's plan to destroy this ammo, and it is this planned destruction that has brought to light a huge communication problem between the Defense department and the various branches of the military.

What is this problem? The Defense Department does not have a system in place to inform not only the military about the inventory of ammo, but law enforcement agencies that could also use the ammo are not informed of the stock on hand. Instead, it is allowed to sit and waste away before it is finally scheduled for destruction.

This waste not only wastes the ammo, but it also wastes money. With the state of the economy, it is clearly not a good idea to waste money, but that is happening here on a regular basis. A new system needs to put in place that will inform all parties of the inventory of these items. No one wants to use bullets and missiles, but there are some uses for these items. They should not go to waste when they can be used. This just wastes money that doesn't need to be wasted. This money can be used elsewhere.

What do you think of this ammo destruction? Is this money being wasted by the government another sign that things need to change?