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Pensions, Paycheck Protection and Plantations?

On April 28, the State General Assembly returned to work, and the Gov. Corbett and his corporate allies wasted little time in advancing anti-worker legislation.

According to the PA AFL-CIO, a plan to put new and returning employees into a pension plan with benefits %40 smaller than the current plan. This despite thousands of letters of opposition from labor and it's allies.

Also, a group of anti-union contractors held a "Free Enterprise Day", with the focus on advancing the "Paycheck Protection" bills currently being discussed. The contractors impressed that this legislation, much like similar legislation in Wisconsin, Michigan, etc is a key in passing the rest of the anti-worker agenda of the Koch Brothers and ALEC. The bill itself remains in the State Government Committee.

Finally, while the debate of Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling's remarks focused mainly on the comments. I can't help but wonder if more than a few owners of other professional sports teams, especially in the National Basketball Association and National Football League, feel the same way about the predominance of African-American players on their teams. We have wealthy, older men, making a profit from young, urban, minority athletes. This mentality may also spread to colleges, especially basketball. The efforts of players at Northwestern to organize could be a huge step towards ending what many see as a new plantation system.

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