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Penny-pinching ways to save for your dream trip

Anyone can travel, even on a budget. But before you can leave on that dream trip, you need to save up. Do you have trouble setting aside money for travel? Here are some penny pinching ways that will help you prepare the funds for your journey.

Book Early

The early bird catches the cheaper flights. There are so many promo fares available right now that makes travel so accessible to everyone. The only catch is, you have to book early. If you purchase your ticket months before you actually depart, it will give leeway to save up for your pocket money. The ticket actually serves as an incentive for you to work hard on saving enough before you leave for your trip. Keep your ticket in sight as a constant reminder of your upcoming vacation.

Dine In

Splurging on food and eating out at a fancy restaurant is always a temptation every time payday comes by. It doesn’t help that your colleagues always invite you out to dinners to celebrate getting paid. Unless they’re going to treat you, politely turn down their invite and choose instead to dine in at home. The money you might have spent for an expensive dinner can serve you better when you put it aside for travel funds. If you feel a twinge of jealousy that you’re not part of their dinner, think of how they will turn green with envy when you post pictures of your exotic vacation. By then, you’ll realize that dining in for months was all worth it.

Embrace a Minimalistic Lifestyle

“Buy what you need and not what you want” is a mantra you should embrace when trying to save up. Don’t be afraid to stay sober and scrimp on evening drinks. Been eyeing that spanking new set of luggage? If you old luggage hasn’t broken down yet, then make do. If you have old clothes that you no longer like or are no longer using, you can sell them and add the proceeds to your travel funds.

Be Creative with Gift Requests

If your birthday comes before your trip, be creative with gift requests. Hint at friends that you want gifts related with travel. Your best friend just might give you the new travel bag you’ve been wanting. Christmas time is also a great way to indirectly ask for help. Clue your parents in about your upcoming vacation and how much you’ve saved so far. They just might get the hint and give you cash instead of material things for Christmas.

Make Use of Coupons

There are so many coupons out there that will help you in your quest to save money. Did you happen to splurge during Black Friday’s sale? If you did, you’re taking a step back in your savings progress. Don’t be afraid to make use of coupons. If you weren’t able to get them during Thanksgiving, there will be new ones out that you can use for Christmas shopping as long as you know how to look. Do your research on the internet and find coupon sites where you can get the best deals. Don’t forget to browse for travel insurance sites, too, since it serves as your backup plan if ever any unexpected contingencies occur.

Get Freelance Work

If you have extra time on your hands, get a little freelance work to help supplement your budget for travel. Search the internet for part time online jobs. There is plenty of freelance jobs that you can do a couple of hours per day depending on your skills. If your forte is writing, you can write articles about completely assorted topics. If your English is flawless, you can teach English online. There are a lot of foreign students who want to improve their English conversational skills by practicing with online tutors.

Saving up isn’t easy but if you are really determined to travel then you will find a way to make your dream a reality. Travel doesn’t have to be expensive and when you finally embark on that journey, you’ll realize that all the sacrifices you made to save money makes it all the more worthwhile.

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