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'Penny Dreadful' on Showtime is off to a great start

Harry Treadaway
Photo by Tristan Fewings/Getty Images

The new show "Penny Dreadful" just started on Showtime. After just one episode, things are looking pretty good for this series. On Monday, Variety shared how this series started out with great ratings. It actually received 872,000 viewers during the first airing, but over 1.4 million over the night. These ratings are better than "Homeland" and "Masters of Sex" both got in their first night. This show did great in the under 50 demographic.

Arts Beat shared a recap of this first episode and helped explain what fans are enjoying so much about this show. Ethan Chandler has a traveling Wild West show, but one woman realizes that something is not right about it all. She is really unsure about his stories and how some clothes make him look poor but his watch shows he has some money.

The very first hour of this show had a ton of developments and has fans coming back for more. It is one of those shows that you have to watch everything and pay attention though or you will miss out. There is a lot going on and you do not want to confuse yourself by missing a very important part of the show.

So far the show "Penny Dreadful" has only been picked up for eight episodes on Showtime. This is not unusual for a first run of a show. They will see how it does and if it has great ratings then they will bring it back for more with another season. If you are loving this show, make sure you are watching and sharing on social networks so they know that fans want more of it.

"Penny Dreadful" airs new episodes on Sunday nights on Showtime. If you miss the first showing, they are airing repeats of this show all week long for viewers. You can still catch the first episode as well.

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