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Pennsylvania will allow state owned universities to have different tuition

The governing board, that runs Pennsylvania's 14 state owned universities, has decided to allow differing tuition at the schools, allowing them to better compete in today's educational marketplace.

The Pennsylvania State System, in which the governing board decides the price of tuition and some associated fees, has been in place since 1980. Currently, the in-state and out-state tuition cost is a fixed amount predetermined by the board. The schools, however, have control of the prices for other fees (including student activities and room and board).

Many of the universities under state control wanted to charge based upon demand and how much it actually cost to educate an individual in a specific field of training. Essentially need now due to declining enrollments in some areas and sharp state cuts in funding.

Pennsylvania State System's governing board agreed, and voted to allow 6 pilot programs, in which the universities have some flexibility with the tuition.

East Stroudsburg, Edinboro, and Clarion will charge extra for their high-demand and costly nursing programs. California University of Pennsylvania will give a price break to active duty personnel enrolled online, while West Chester students at the Philadelphia campus will receive a 10% tuition reduction. Meanwhile, Edinboro, which is near the NY and Ohio borders can charge out-of-state students a more reasonable rate, to compete with those state schools.

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