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Pennsylvania Turnpike crash: 100 vehicles in massive pileup, with 30 injuries

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The Pennsylvania Turnpike accident is reported to have as many as 100 vehicles involved in a pileup that started during the morning rush-hour traffic. The latest reports have as many as 30 motorists injured in this Friday, Feb. 14 monstrous scene of banged up cars and trucks that stretches as far as the eye can see.

CBS Philly estimated more than 100 vehicles are involved with as many as 75 passenger vehicles and big rigs in one individual pileup. This weather related accident is reported by traffic reporter Bob Kelly as the “worst he’s seen in 20 years.” Although there are some serious injuries reported, no life-threatening injuries have come out of this accident.

People involved in the Pennsylvania Turnpike accident report that it was very slippery and applying the brakes did little to nothing to stop a vehicle. The accident snarled the traffic in both directions for a good portion of the day.

With the turnpike shut down, police did clear a path for the cars stuck behind the pileup to slowly drive through a maze of twisted metal to get out of the gridlock. Authorities have started the task of removing some of the vehicles off the roadway, but it is a long task they have in front of them today.