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Pennsylvania Teen - Craigslist Killer

Killer Amanda Barbour
Killer Amanda Barbour
Liberty Voice

Miranda Barbour was arrested for the murder of 42 year old Troy LaFerrara who she had lured from a Craigslist ad she placed offering "sexual favors for $100". Barbour and her husband had convinced LaFerrara to meet up with her, with every intention of killing them to celebrate their wedding anniversary.

"Nineteen-year-old Barbour and her newlywed husband originally pleaded not guilty in the death of Troy LaFerrara, who was found stabbed to death in an alley back in November". During a phone interview from her cell she admitted that she had killed more than two dozen people in the past six years. This was all part of a satanic cult that she belonged to.

"Francis Scarcella, the reporter for the Daily Item said, "You can take all of the numbers that she threw around and all of that out. But the more surprising thing to me would be the fact that she said if she got out she would do it again."

"Police later told the paper that they have contacted the FBI and authorities in other states about Barbour's shocking admission, and an investigation is now underway. And while Barbour has claimed membership in a satanic cult, no group has stepped forward to recognize her as a member."

A representative for the "Church of Satan" denies that this story is credible and they will investigate it thoroughly and also claims that no church has stepped forward to claim them as members.

Police speculate that her confessions are false and she is trying to make herself out to be something she is not. Barbour and her husband will be facing the death penalty if convicted. Police believe it was a robbery that went bad but will be investigating her claims. Lawyers for the couple want psychiatric evaluations done prior.

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