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Pennsylvania rock band Live breaks up


Album cover, Throwing Copper.

After being together since middle school and climbing the top of the modern rock charts in the early 90’s, alternative rock band Live announced lead singer Ed Kowalczyk is no longer a member.

The York, Pennsylvania band, which had ties with local agency Media Five Entertainment, gained phenomenal success with the 1994 album release, Throwing Copper, which would hit the top of the charts a year later. Their success continued with more album releases and a growing fan base that reached far beyond the United States over the past fifteen years.

According to guitar player Chad Taylor’s blog, Kowalczyk had lost sight of the music and had signed a secret contract behind the other member’s backs for copyrights. He then demanded a "front man’s bonus check" to perform at an upcoming festival.

"At this point in time, we have made no official plans to replace him, but it is clear that he is no friend of mine or the lifelong fans of Live," stated Chad Taylor on his blog.

Live is taking an indefinite break with no hope of Ed Kowalczyk’s return. One day a new vocalist may become a part of the band, but as of now there are no plans. It is really sad when bands or members of bands lose sight of the music and their passion for the art.

For more info on the break up check out Chad Taylor’s blog.

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