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Pennsylvania Rep. lies about atheists supporting his theocratic message

As an atheist, I was never aware that I supported the motto, "In God we Trust." I don't believe in a god, so how could I support this supposed god? I can't of course, but Pennsylvania Rep. Rick Saccone does in fact. Indeed, he told a reporter Rob Hanrahan during an interview of the television show, "Face the State", that an atheist group supported putting this motto on walls of all public school classrooms in the state of Pennsylvania.

One little thing, no atheist group in the state of Pennsylvania supports such a thing. Atheists as a rule don't want the government supporting and promoting religion. We don't believe the government should be involved in the endorsement of religion. Heck, we would not want "In no God we Trust" on our national motto.

So Rep. Saccone, please continue to argue that the government should be involved in promoting your personal religion, but tell the truth about atheists.