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Pennsylvania in Pole Shift spotlight: Widespread disastrous earth wobble events

Schuylkill River looking south toward the skyline of Philadelphia
Schuylkill River looking south toward the skyline of Philadelphia

Since the first of the year, Pennsylvania has had more than its share of earth shaking events and an obvious uptick in tectonic plate activity. Is this evidence of an ever-intensifying, violent earth wobble? You bet!

The Zetas of ZetaTalk have explained that Pennsylvania lies at a point where the stress on the North American continent is so fierce that it is causing Pennsylvania to bend. Pennsylvania is not in a stretch zone, it is in a "bend zone."

As rock strata bends and snaps, so to do Pennsylvania's gas and water mains. Loud booms are heard, shaking is felt, buildings fall, trains derail, sinkholes open, and gas wells and underground transformers explode.

A breakdown of current "bend zone" events includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Loud booms and shaking: In Jan and Feb, loud booms were heard and earth and building shaking was felt in the SW area of Pennsylvania.
  • Sinkholes: In Feb and March, sinkholes collapsed a building in Palmyra and a church in Harrisburg. A sinkhole opened in Route 30 Bypass on 101 and was filled in on Monday, only to open again on Tuesday. Sinkholes opened in Harrisburg and Philadelphia, as well as on the Penn State campus. They opened on highways, in parking lots, and even in cemeteries, and a sanitation truck dropped into one in Philadelphia.
  • Collapsing buildings in Feb: The roof of the Stone Bard banquet hall in Unionville collapsed, the roof of a two-story building at the Olde Engine Works in Stroudsburg collapsed, and a church partially collapsed in Harrisburg. In Philadelphia, two houses collapsed within days of each other: First, a two-story house on Limekiln Pike (people hit with debris), and then the roof and third floor of a building on N. Smedley Street, just two days later. During one two-week period in February there were at least eight building collapses. Coincidence?
  • Collapsing buildings in March and Apr: In Philadelphia, building collapses include a row house at Strawberry Mansion (man hit with debris), the "Shirt Corner" building at Market and First, and a Cleveland street building, followed only a few hours later by a 6th Street building collapse. The roof of the Reedsville Fire Company engine room collapsed as crews were getting ready to leave for a fire, and the decorative facade of Chinatown building fell. In April, a chunk of stone paneling fell from facade of Jacobs Music building.
  • Explosions: In Jan, Feb, and March, explosions rocked various areas of Pennsylvania. There was an explosion at Safety-Kleen solvent facility in West Ridge, and not one but two explosions at different Chevron natural gas wells on the same day in Dunkard Township. In March a house in Lancaster exploded with a boom so loud it it was heard 10 miles away. Transformers exploded in Philadelphia, as well as in New Britain and Hatfield Townships.
  • Train derailments: In Jan, a CSX train derailment left a tanker car and boxcar leaning off a bridge over the Schuylkill River, which flows through Philadelphia. The track under the cars was broken. In Feb, a Norfolk Southern train carrying crude oil derailed, with 21 tank cars coming off the rails, and leaking crude; two cars carried liquefied petroleum gas. And in April, six train cars carrying sand derailed in Mount Bethel Township.
  • Gas and water main breaks: In February, gas and water mains ruptured in Philadelphia. And last, but not least, an "unusual gas-like odor" was reported in Allentown on same block that leveled a city block in 2011. Firefighters investigating the strong odor said it was not natural gas in part because the geographical range of the calls about the odor was too wide. (When earth shifts and moves, methane gas can be released from between the rock layers where rotting vegetation had been trapped. Could the "odd odor" have been methane?)

As you can see, Pennsylvania is just getting "warmed up" in the catastrophic events category.

Should the people of Pennsylvania be concerned about the disasters currently happening in their state? Definitely, especially with five nuclear power plants scattered along river beds throughout the state.

With reference to river beds, The Zetas have said land near river bottoms is thin and easily pulled apart. They say that river bottom land initially dropped in relation to nearby land, due to a lack of support.

And there along river beds in Pennsylvania sit five aging nuclear plants, one of which -- Three Miles Island -- has already experienced a partial meltdown in one of its two nuclear reactors. The Three Mile Island accident was the worst accident in the US commercial nuclear plant history . . . to date.

Should the people of Pennsylvania be concerned. You bet! These disasters happening in Pennsylvania are by no means isolated incidents. They are connected events.

Chock it up to an intensifying earth wobble and an approaching Pole Shift, but be prepared.

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