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Pennsylvania man cited after dog found frozen to floor of dog house

Another dog dies after being left outside
Another dog dies after being left outside

It has been a devastating week for dogs owned by negligent people in the United States. As much of the nation experienced temperatures well below freezing, the grim toll of ignorant, or uncaring, dog owners has become painfully evident.

On Thursday, WJACTV reported that a Centre County, Pa., man has been cited with animal cruelty following the discovery of his dog who was frozen to the floor of an outdoor dog house.

On Wednesday, the deceased, frozen dog was found outside of the home of 46-year-old Ronald Eugene Haines' home in the Orviston area of Curtin Township.

One of Haines' neighbors described the dog as "friendly."

The state dog warden was alerted to the sad case by neighbors of the dog's owner

In every state which is experiencing frigid conditions, residents are asked to be on the lookout for pets who have been left outside by owners who have failed to heed the warnings to bring their pets inside.

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