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Pennsylvania man charged with dragging two dogs by a rope behind vehicle

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William Wilkinson, 50, of Calico River Road in Spraggs will appear before a judge Thursday morning after being charged with animal cruelty for dragging his two golden retrievers by ropes around their necks to the trailer hitch of his Mitsubishi vehicle late last month reports the

On July 27, a 911 call to the Southwest Regional Police Department sent Officer John Lingo to find two injured golden retrievers lying on the concrete at a nearby water pumping station. Both of the dogs were severely matted and bleeding from facial and head injuries.

Wilkinson told the officer his dogs had escaped from the yard, and he was attempting to bring them home stating he was only going about 2 mph while they were tied up. He told the officer he had to stop one time to give one of the dogs mouth to mouth resuscitation.

A witness told the officer the ropes were tied tightly around the dogs' neck almost strangling the animals. The witness used a knife to cut the ropes around the dogs' neck.

When Officer Lingo asked Wilkinson why he dragged the dogs by their necks tied to the vehicle, the man responded he wasn't aware that the knot of the rope had almost strangled and killed his dog.

The dogs have not been returned to Wilkinson and are being treated at a nearby veterinarian. A judge will make the decision whether the dogs will be returned to their owner.

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