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Pennsylvania is number four state in craft beer economy

The country's craft beer industry, consisting of small, independent brewers and their specialized product, is a $33.9 billion industry. Large corporate breweries often make a specialized craft beer product, but that is not included in these totals.

The almost 34 billion dollar figure is based on sales from micro-brewers to wholesale distributors and retailers, as well as the sale on non-beer items from brewpubs. Micro-brewers are defined as any licensed company, organization, or individual that produces less than six million barrels per year.

Pennsylvania accounts for almost six percent of that total, bringing in just over $2 billion. That number amounts to the fourth highest state total, behind only California's $4.7 billion, Texas' $2.3 billion, and New York's $2.2 billion.

PA is great example of how the small brewery industry thrives; although the state is the fourth highest in sales,.the largest brewery--Victory Brewing in Chester County--is only the 26th largest nationally.

The craft beer industry is also vital to the state's economy, PA brewers account for 20,867 jobs with an average yearly salary of $31,939.

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