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Pennsylvania high school stabbing: 16 y/o creates bloodbath with knives (+Video)

The Pennsylvania high school stabbing rampage by a 16-year-old student at Franklin Regional High School on Wednesday morning has left 20 people injured, some of them with life-threatening injuries. The Pennsylvania high school stabbing began around 7:13 a.m., shortly after the school had started for the day, reported NBC News on April 9.

Pennsylvania high school stabbing: 16 y/o creates bloodbath with knives (+Video)

The Pennsylvania high school student, who is a sophomore at the school which is about 15 miles east of Pittsburgh, has been taken into custody. Since he is a minor, his identity has not been revealed by authorities.

According to Dr. Chris Kauffman, trauma director at Forbes Regional Hospital, seven teenagers and an adult who were brought to his trauma center were stabbed in the chest, back, and abdomen. Some of the knife wounds inflicted are life-threatening. As of Wednesday, several students are in surgery while others are undergoing CT scans and X-rays. “None of these are superficial wounds,” he told reporters. “These are all significant stabbing wounds, every one.”

Eyewitnesses report that the 16-year-old was moving through the classrooms and a hallway while “flashing two knives around.” One high school senior told reporters that he had just arrived at his school when he saw “blood all over the floor” and blood smeared on the wall near the school’s main entrance. One wounded student was yelling for help.

“He had his shirt pulled up and he was screaming, 'Help! Help!' He had a stab wound right at the top right of his stomach, blood pouring down."

The panic that ensued after the stabbing began was magnified when one of the students pulled the fire alarm and everyone started running out of the school. Students and teachers who stayed with the victims to apply pressure to the stabbing wounds are considered to be life-saving heroes. The 16-year-old was tackled and subdued by the high school’s principal, reports NBC. AP reports that a school police officer “eventually subdued him with the help of an assistant principal.”

The Pennsylvania high school student’s motive for going on a stabbing spree with two knives is unknown, but it is occurring on the one-year anniversary of the bloodiest school knife attacks in U.S. history when a Texas college student injured 14 students during his knife rampage. Investigators are trying to determine if reports of a threatening phone call between the suspect and another student the night before might have led to the 16-year-old's stabbing rampage.

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