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Pennington compares Deal's $17 mill for Falcons to Obama's $4 mill vacation

Elections 2014 Georgia
Elections 2014 Georgia

David Pennington, Republican candidate for Georgia governor, criticized his opponent Nathan Deal for directing $17 million in 2015 state budget to build parking facilities for the new Falcons stadium in Cobb County.

The current Governor Nathan Deal is up for reelection in November 2014, and is facing opponents in the primary as well as the general election.

“This isn’t about the Dirty Birds; this is about a dirty deal for the taxpayers," said Pennington, referring to Atlanta Falcons' nickname. "Nathan [Deal] says the ‘$17 million is justified.’ Tell that to the state employees who are spending more of their hard-earned money on health care because of his failures. Tell that to the teachers forced to buy materials for their classrooms because the money isn’t there for them. And, tell that to a group of conservatives at a debate with me. I’ll save Nathan some time; most will strongly disagree.

"$17 million of taxpayer money… And, I thought the Obamas’ $4 million Hawaii vacation was bad.”

President Barack Obama and his family took winter vacation in 2011 that cost $4 million.

Pennington has positioned himself as the conservative candidate in the race, painting Deal as a liberal Republican.

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