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Penetangueshene resident has close sighting of triangle-shaped craft

A resident of Penetangueshene, Ontario saw a metallic black, triangle-shaped craft on April 19 at about 1 a.m. According to a Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) report, the craft had “extremely bright lights” and made a pulsating sound. The witness said “the dog was barking outside” and when he opened the door, he was “taken back by a pulsating noise, which seemed to run through my body. As I walked outside, I noticed lights rising from behind a fence located approximately 20 feet away.”

Many folks have come to believe that black triangle objects are likely military craft created through black projects.
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He added that he was “stunned and fixed on what I was seeing,” describing the lights as “very erratic ranging from red, white blue and green.” He then yelled for his girlfriend to come out and look.

“We both stood in amazement as we couldn't explain anything about what we were witnessing,” he noted. “The way it rose/flew was so effortless and steady; the noise it made was a slow but heavy pulse felt throughout our bodies.”

As the object rose over nearby buildings, they could see the underside part of the craft

“It was somewhat triangular/ teardrop with a slightly rounded front where the lights were mounted coming to a sharp point at the rear. The craft was dark and metallic looking and appeared to be extremely heavy despite how effortlessly it moved.”

The craft then moved in a “very large circle around our house covering a vast area in an (inexplicably) short period of time passing right through the original viewing area before it took off at a steady angled incline.” As it did so, the man said he managed to capture a photo with his cell phone.”

Video: UFO and a wingless phony jet/ufo seen twice: 19 April 2014

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